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TitelWeb Robot Detection - Preprocessing Web Logfiles for Robot Detection
InNew Developements in Classification and Data Analysis, Springer, Berlin, 2005, S. 113-124.
Autor(en)Christian Bomhardt, Wolfgang Gaul, and Lars Schmidt-Thieme
KeywordsRobot Detection, Preprocessing, Modeling of Web Robot Navigational Patterns
AbstractWeb usage mining has to face the problem that parts of the underlying logfiles are created by robots. While cooperative robots identify themselves and obey to the instructions of server owners not to access parts or all of the pages on the server, malignant robots may camouflage themselves and have to be detected by web robot scanning devices. We describe the methodology of robot detection and show that highly accurate tools can be applied to decide whether session data was generated by a robot or a human user.
Ausgewählte Literatur
Kumar, V.; Tan, P.-N. (2000):
Modeling of Web Robot Navigational Patterns, ACM WebKDD Workshop, 2000.
Kumar, V.; Tan, P.-N. (2001):
Discovery Of Web Robot Sessions Based On Their Navigational Patterns,WEBKDD - Special Issue for the Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery journal.

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